Humiliation 22
First Melady and Lea humiliate their slave Joschi by spitting him with leftovers. They make a real mess, spit on him with food and drinks and soon the whole floor is dirty. (Up to this point spitting 21 or feeding 21!).
And all this pissed off, this dirt on the floor in the kitchen can of course not stay. So the two of them order him to clean everything up. First he has to ask Melady for towels and grunt like a pig. Then Joschi starts cleaning. With a cloth in his hands, he wipes the brown sauce on the floor between the noble feet and shoes of the mistresses. They put the big trash can in front of him, and Lea takes some things out and just throws them out on the floor. Then Melady also takes something and finally they take both things out and throw them on the floor. At the same time, they order him to throw everything back in - quickly, quickly. But everything that Joschi puts in the trash can, the two sadistic ladies just throw out and constantly tell him "faster". Joschi is completely done, he just can't get any further. Then Melady immediately pours the whole trash can in front of him and he has to start all over again. She pours her drink on him and the floor and he has to keep cleaning. She wriggles the wet rag over his head and hits him with it. Lea pats chocolate pudding wherever he cleaned. And then a splash of dirt gets caught cleaning the holy legs and feet of melady. What a serious mistake! Melady pulls his ear and he has to clean her polka dot with a clean rag. They hang the wet scraps of dirty water over his head and so Joschi has to keep cleaning: with the wet, dirty scraps over his face, without seeing anything. And that really amuses the two. They laugh at him, insult him, verbally humiliate him and insult him all the time. Because the floor is suddenly so clean again, Melady and Lea have to spit on it and tell him to clean it up. He then has to wipe the floor with the scraper.

Humiliation 22

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