Humiliation 59
Great Humiliation!

Bizarr Lady Jessica has her two filthy slaves Joschi and Jonas dancing in the bathroom. The two have to play cats first for their amusement. They have to move like cats, meow, etc. Then the blonde ruler explains to them what is coming. She takes two tampons in her hands. She sticks one of the two tampons into her pussy and the second pushes her deep into her asshole. The two slaves look up to her expectantly. Then she pulls the tampons out of their openings. The front tampon is red from her menstrual period and Jonas gets that. She puts it in his mouth and tells him to suck it out. Jonas sucks her blood out of the tampon and sucks it like ice cream. Then she turns her ass to Joschi, who is still brown from her shit, because she was at the toilet just before. Joschi has to pull the tampon out of her ass with her mouth and then lick all the shit off and suck it out.

Humiliation 59

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