Guide - Studios

Open a studio now here on and earn +50 $ Bonus from begin in your account. 

Here are the steps how it works:


1. Register a new studio open new studio 


2. After the registration you comes directly in to your account. There you can ad your company name, personal name.


You can ad a description of your studio. You can also ad in this form a picture of your studio and a banner liked to any website of you


You can also ad payout Information for your revenue. If you want payout with paypal ad your paypal address. If you want payout with bank transfer please ad your bank account.  


All this you can ad in this form of  Seller Profile  After you have fiel out this form you Comes to your dashboard.

There you find Options to ad new videos, manage videos, modify profile, statistik about your products, etc.




If you have any questions please write us  studio support

50 $ Start Bonus on top of your first payout!

 With upload on our platform you accept our terms & conditions and our privat policy.

LEGAL NOTICE: You must hold the copyrights or have a re-seller's license AND
you must possess the signed model releases and photo IDs of all actors for all content
(clips and images) uploaded to our servers in order to comply with our Terms of Service.