Why Adult-Clips? Info for Studios

Why Adult Clips?

There are now some external platforms on the Internet where studios can put their videos online for sale. So why should you make the effort again to ad at adult clips?

The following advantages speak for themselves:

  • We have the lowest commission of all external portals. Our sales commission is split in the ratio 80/20! That means 80% of the sale of the content belongs to you, only 20% we get.

  • Upload and managed option! You can also save the trouble of uploading and editing your own material. We can do that for you. You can send us the material on external hard drives, DVDS, sticks etc. or upload via FTP. And we do the rest! We put it in your stores, ad the description and title, load up, set the prices etc. In this case we have a breakdown of 70/30. So 70% of the sales will stay with you. 30% with us.

  • Possibility of membership-area. Through our partner tube network you have the opportunity to share your content for membership with monthly incomming (subscription) in one step. Costs and expenses for own servers are thus a thing of the past. You no longer need your own servers, shops or websites. Everything can be conveniently managed by our network and benefit from one-time sales and monthly inputs.

  • Advertising and Traffic. We spend a lot of our revenue on advertising and traffic again. Benefit for your content. Because you have not to invest money for this by yourself.

  • Other withdrawal methods. We also offer several different payout methods. We pay with Western Union, Paxum, Amazon vouchers, paysafecard, international money order, etc. and of course the usual ones like paypal and international banktransfer.

  • Weekly payout and payout on request! We pay our studios on request weekly. You know it from other platforms. Time is short of money and again you can wait until it is sent by them. With us you have the option of weekly payout and also the payout on request. This means you just get in touch and say you'd like the payout now. And maybe in the middle of the month. Depending on your payout method you will have the money in 1-2 days.

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