Human Ashtray

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Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 24

human ashtray, smoking, domina, domination, femdom, fetisch, fetish, goddess, herrin, madame, mist..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 25

THE ASHTRAY OF THE FEMDOM TEEN TWINS!Slave Bobby has to serve as a human ashtray for the dominan..


Spitting and Ashtray 17

Baroness Rubina uses her slave Masjkenjoe as a spittoon and ashtray. ..


Spitting and Ashtray 18

The forest ashtray and spittoon!Old Grandpaps Tomi has to serve his mistresses in the woods as a ..


Spitting & Ashtray 5

 Cindy sends you to fetch an ashtray to her slaves Joschi. When Joschi comes back with the as..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 17

Control tower has connected Sado girl Princess Paris for Richie to the Wood-and Steel. She blows it ..


Spitting & Ashtray 11

Joschi is degraded by its torturers Yvonne and Alida correctly again. Pillory put on must th..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 10

Bizarrlady Jessica and Lea abuse slave Joschi for the "pain with the smoke". At first Joschi gets Je..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 7

Sadistic Cindy has trained her slave Richie perfectly. Among other things it must always serve her a..


Dominant Smoking & Ashtray 23

Joseph is the Non smoking has, not only themselves smoke and inhale the smoke. The merc..


Spitting & Ashtray 7

Slave Joschi must serve Melady and Sadistic Cindy as spittoon and ashtray. The two alternatel..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 22

Giant Mistress Madame Louise is a humiliation for her slave with him in the apartment and down. The ..


Spitting & Ashtray 4

Richie lies on the ground, next to his mistress Princess Barby and may not move and not speak hims..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 18

Goddess Gloria is a guest in the home of her slaves Joschi. The lady is outraged by the arrogant tin..


Spitting & Ashtray 15

humiliation object joschi must again be one of the two young Torture Dungeon Gypsy Princ..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 11

"Fetish Mozart" alias Joschi serves  Bizarrlady Jessica as an ashtray .To classical music in th..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 8

The sadistic Teenage-Mistress Lea does not know any mercy and limit for its slaves Joschi to torment..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 14

Richie must serve a dominant Slovakian mistress Alissa his as a human ashtray in the chamber. She ho..


Spitting & Ashtray 6

Melady and Lea let their spittoon and ashtrays Joschi kneel in the kitchen down. You degrade i..


Spitting & Ashtray 2

Melady and her girlsfriend lea make himself a sadistic fun. You discover this Richie has fallen a..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 19

Princess Paris and Lea used Joschi as their mobile ashtray. Like a small heap misery must humbly it ..


Spitting & Ashtray 14

Shit mouth Joschi must his mistresses Hanna and Jacky serve in the forest as a spittoon ..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 12

Richie must serve as an ashtray as a punishment for his conservative attitude the Gothic-Mistress Em..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 9

The blue haze 1! Lea has "Lady in Blue" dressed in blue also quite sexily symbolically for the humil..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 3

Goddess Gloria enjoys to humiliate her slave Richie with a special humiliation. It must sit tied up ..


Spitting & Ashtray 16

Slave Felix has to lick the dirty high heels of Young farmer Lina. Your shoes are from walking aro..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 2

Richie must put himself just on the bed, mistress Judith sits down comfortably on his chest. A cigar..


Spitting & Ashtray 13

Joschi must serve for its Russian Romanian mistress as spittoon and ashtray. Lady Isa spits ..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 13

Richie must serve it as butler and slave of the Slovakian mistress Aneta also for "smoke services". ..


Spitting & Ashtray 1

Slave Richie must put himself just on the bed. Princess Barby sits down on its chest and whil..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 5

Slave Richie must serve the young mistress Lea as a living ashtray. With hands tied up at the back h..


Spitting & Ashtray 9

The sadistic Teenage-Mistress Lea does not know any mercy and limit for its slaves Joschi to torme..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 20

MOVIE IN ENGLISH!The human ashtray Joschi in use at the imperial apartments of his godlike female ru..


Spitting & Ashtray 12

Princess Paris uses her slave Joschi in the woods as ashtray and spittoon. It must complete..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 15

Sado girls Yvonne and Alida make their fun with their whipping boy Joschi to themselves the young. J..


Spitting & Ashtray 10

The two friends Yvonne and Alida drag their victim out of Joschi in the woods. There it ..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 1

Richie must sit the hands tied up with handcuffs behind, on the ground in front of his mistress Wand..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 6

Richie is stopped by Yvonne and Lea as their human ashtray and object for smoke humiliation. He must..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 4

Richie must kneel in front of his mistress Jeanette and you suffer for everything she wants to do wi..


Spitting & Ashtray 8

The two young terror girls Melady and Sadistic Cindy use Joschi as their spittoon. .Alternately a..


Dominant Smoking and Ashtray 21

The human ashtray a 18 year old Bitch dominatrix! Bobby must kneel with his mistress Princess Babsi ..